Do you have a story to share?

Last Sunday, our pastor asked us if we had a story, our gospel story. He shared that this was the story we would tell others about our personal experience with Jesus Christ. It would be a story of our life before Christ, when we accepted Him, and how our life is different now. This really challenged me. How many times have I ever shared my story? I can’t recall even one. So today, I want to share my story with you, Dear Readers, my Gospel story:

I was blessed to grow up in household of faith. I was taken to church on my first Sunday. Growing up, I knew who Jesus was. I memorized Bible verses in Sunday school and loved to sing songs of praise. In fact, my dad was in a gospel quartet called, The Harbor Lights Quartet. You can even find some of their LP’s on YouTube.

Sitting in services, hearing my dad sing was such a joy, and I wanted to be just like him. But although I knew who Jesus was, I had not accepted Him as my own until I was 9 years old. I was challenged at church camp to make my own decision to follow Him. I went forward on a hot summer evening (no air conditioning in the chapel) and asked Him to forgive me and lead my life.

Since that day, life has not always been perfect. We had many challenges throughout my lifetime; going from plenty to poverty. Yet, even while in poverty; our family was blessed. We could see how God cared and provided for us and each need that arose. We also witnessed God healing my dad of a massive brain tumor and bringing him back to us without disabilities.

As a mom, hearing the words “Your son has cancer” could have broken me and my family. Yet, because of our trust in Christ, we knew that no matter the outcome; it would be o.k. because He was in control.

My husband, Jim, and I often ask each other, “what do people do who don’t know Christ?”

He is our mainstay, our comfort, our peace, and our joy.

Do you know Him? Do you have a story, a gospel story?

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